Friday, October 10, 2008

Ryann and Aiden's Birthday Party

A Pirate Party!

Ryann and Aiden had a great time at their party. They dressed like pirates, found gold, played a few pirate games, broke a pinata, and had a pirate cake.



Here are just a few pictures of Ike. We had no damages to our home. Even the play structure survived a few large limbs falling on it. We lost about 8 large limbs off are 3 oak trees and one tree that just snap at the base. We lost power for about 8 days. That was not fun.

First Day of School Pictures

Alex and Rylie attend Lemm Elementary. They are in the 3rd and 2nd grade. Ryann, Aiden and Kian go to preschool two days a week from 9 to 1. They all enjoy school.