Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Diamond Hunters

Diamond Crater Mine is located in Arkansas. We loved the idea of trying to find diamonds. You can keep anything you find. On avg, people find about a 100 a month. We spent about two hours. There was about 20 of us in our group but none of us had any luck. Maybe next time.

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Playing at the Lake

The kids loved being in the sun. We rented a party boat for the day. Aiden was afraid to get on but once we went out he loved it. We all took turns jumping off the top of the boat. We also rented a waverunner. Rylie, Alex and Ryann are afraid of nothing. Aiden went out for a little ride and decided it was enough. I was going to take Kian out but Scott swamped the waverunner and it would not start again. I guess we will try next time.

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DeGray Lake

We had a great time at Degray Lake in Arkansas. We left on Wed morning and arrived around dinner time. We checked in and did a little bit of exploring around the lodge. The next morning we went horseback riding. Kian was to young to go, but he loved the horses. I think he would have had a great time. Aiden got up on the horse and after a couple of minutes, he dicided he didn't want to go. Ryann rode with mom and loved it! Alex and Rylie got to ride by themselves. They were great little cowgirls.

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